06 November 2010

The Bee

Bee's iced water. In a pint. Yay.
Tucked away at a little corner of Jaya One is a rather quaint place called The Bee. This is odd since there are no bees involved as far as I can tell; no caricatures of bees, nobody dressed like a bee, nothing bee-like here, to be honest.

Girls with guitars and silly-sounding voices would fit right in here.
The Bee serves Western food that we all know. Nothing new, right? However, the offerings were somewhat unique, some new and never heard before, others a different take on classics. The prerequisites are available: pastas, burgers, caffeinated beverages, desserts, etc. Imagine a slightly upscale Coffee Bean and you'll get the idea.

Large wooden tables and benches to prop your large butt on.
After perusing the menu for a bit, I settled on their Mexican burger. Prices are typical of eateries these days, shy under RM20 for their priciest burger with the rest of the food ranging from RM10 to RM20 with drinks and desserts generally around the RM10 range. 

Clever usage of every day household items. My mom would say it's a way of pegs, though.
The decor is rather fetching, with a hint of French-influenced chic, kind of what a typical Western cafe looks like. The furniture inside is mostly wooden, nothing fancy but there is an area presumably used for girls with an acoustic guitar and chipmunk voices to perform their "original" (read: zzzZZZ...) material. Overall, it is cosy, welcoming and wonderfully unpretentious coughTheApartmentcough unlike other cafes I've been to. Music selection was of the singer-songwriter-guitar player variety which suited the cafe's ambiance adroitly.

My Mexican burger. I subbed the fries with salad.
I could see from afar my burger's arrival. It looked small. But when I finally looked at it properly, I could see that the meat patty was about an inch thick. Promising stuff. You know when people say Mexican-influence it means throwing in Tabasco sauce? Well, my burger came with beans and mild jalapenos. Nothing new but much appreciated. They make their own patties and it really shows. It was juicy, succulent and had a real bite to it. First ever Bee's burger, certainly not my last.

Churros with ganache.
RM was full from all the Deepavali food so she opted for the banana-and-something pancake. Sadly, we were about 4 hours too late as it's only served during brunch hours. So we chose churros, the Spanish equivalent to the Chinese you tiao. The last time I had churros was in Singapore, they were like flaccid dicks. Bee's were erect, crispy and the inside just tangible enough to not make it like a limp banana. The accompanying ganache was just about right in its sweetness.
Malt-and-peanut butter ice cream. Rock hard texture.

I'm not a big ice cream person but I do like to try me some new flavours so when I saw malt-and-peanut butter I had to give it a go. The best part was its flavour, the peanut butter took center stage with the malt peeking behind. The not so good part was the state it arrived, the ice in ice cream prevalent. Lifting 20kg dumbbbells was easier compared to getting a tiny scoop. Though, it's not made by Bee's, rather, it's from The Last Polka. Maybe they should come up with a more pliable, creamier texture that doesn't end up becoming miniature glaciers. I hope the name doesn't come to haunt them. I don't like polka. 

Service was good. None of the servers were pushy or rude. They looked like very decent people; people with whom you can have a nice cuppa and intelligent conversations. The thing I like a lot about it was that it didn't pretend to be something it's not, as opposed to the nearby Brussels Beer Cafe with its sleazy-looking clientele.

The staff were friendly and looked like nice people to hang with.
I'm glad my first review is that of a good eatery. If you're into burgers you can't do wrong here. Even the pasta dishes looked equally as delectable from what we could see. Make a BEEline to Bee's and you'll not leave unhappy. Oh, yeah, I totally punned that.  

  • Clean premises.
  • Great food and service.
  • Just right prices and portions.
  • Iced water came in a pint! Awesome. 
  • The malt-and-peanut butter ice cream was like an ice block. Nice flavours, torture on the arm. 
Stay tuned, stay hungry. 

The Bee 
2A-G, Block K, Jaya One
No.72 Jalan Universiti, Section 13
46200 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan 

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